WEIGHT: ≈ 700g
DIMENSIONS: ≈ 11.5cm ✕ 6.5cm

WEIGHT ≈ 4kg
DIMENSIONS ≈ 22cm ✕ 6cm

WEIGHT ≈ 500g
DIMENSIONS ≈ 11cm ✕ 6cm

WEIGHT ≈ 4.25kg

WEIGHT ≈ 250g
(If you order more than one, the number of units may differ althought the total weight will be equivalent.)

WEIGHT ≈ 4.5kg

Raw Unsalted Butter, from France (ONLY FOR EUROPE)

€ 6.75 EUR
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This item will only ship in Eurozone to start. If you are in an European country that isn't part of Eurozone (like Norway), please contact us on our Healthfully Support Telegram group.

In more than a few areas, raw unsalted butter is hard to find. There are also butters which lead you to think they are raw, but are not. Particularly, the following one is concerned:
The "Le Gall" butter, that people in Sweden, Portugal, various countries are relying on, is not raw. It is thermised, so although it is not pasteurized, it is still cooked, under pasteurization temperatures, and definitely not raw. Most who buy it are not aware of that, and it is often mislabelled as raw.

Prompted by requests to provide truly raw butter all across Europe, we are sourcing other true raw French butter. Each farm has a limit to how much they can produce, so we are pulling from various sources, all of them raw and unsalted, so the butter you end up receiving might have a different shape than in the picture. This is still at pre-order stage for us to organize all this, expect your order to be treated within 1.5 month unless a message from us telling you of unforeseen circumstances. Soon our supply will be constant and shipping times will be faster.

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