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WEIGHT ≈ 4.5kg
DIMENSIONS ≈ 22cm ✕ 6cm

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WEIGHT ≈ 250g
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WEIGHT ≈ 4.5kg

Traditional Raw Unsalted Blue Cheese made in Spain - from the whole milk of grass-fed cows, Aged 3 months

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Raw unsalted cheese is one of the healthiest foods and most important in our times.

A truly impressive and potent food, rich in fully bio-available minerals, and fat-soluble vitamins.

Supports detoxification

It is the best all-purpose binder item for detoxification, better than clay, better than activated charcoal and better than any mineral or enzyme supplement.

Raw unsalted cheese is unadulterated and functions optimally compared to any other type of cheese.

It draws the toxins to itself as it passes through, adsorbs them, ultimately flushing them from the digestive tract.

It is packed with minerals which perform chelation of toxins like no other protocol can, without the dangerous side-effects, and with the least symptoms, even completely alleviating them within minutes upon its oral consumption most of the time.

It takes from 50 to 200 molecules of fat or minerals to get out a single mercury atom, from binding to it and neutralizing it to acting as a vessel to escort it out. Only cheese is going to get to these amounts.

Calcium, very high in cheese, phosphorus, also rather high, and potassium and magnesium, also present, are important minerals often used by the organism as chelating agents.

Being raw and unsalted is what makes it work, otherwise it wouldn't hold onto the toxins, as the ionic bounds between molecules is severed by cooking temperatures, and salt fractionates the cheese during digestion. The natural sodium contained within cheese is not identical to salt; it is comprised within the nutrients and acts quite differently, and harmoniously.

Raw unsalted cheese is neither a magic pill, nor a panacea; it will remove a very wide array of toxins a little at a time, but surely and consistently.

Through its frequent use, what would take many years following a pristine lifestyle but without incorporating it can be accomplished in months.


According to the research and vast experience of Aajonus Vonderplanitz, this type of cheese only will be used to attract the toxins from the digestive tract, blood, as well as the neurological and lymphatic systems.

This includes heavy metals, pesticides, various polluants and chemicals from industrial origin, drug residues, airborne contamination, detergents, solvents, various other undesirable foreign bodies, and so on.

These toxins are defined and can be easily measured in laboratory. Although the liver and kidneys automatically detoxify and excrete many toxic materials besides metabolic wastes,  they are unable to handle the daily exposure to more than 20000 foreign industrial chemicals that exist in our world, as can be seen through measurement of people's various body tissues where they get stored.

Vonderplanitz lists the following benefits:

Solving digestion issues, healing skin issues by addressing their cause, diminishing nausea, diminishing teeth pain, stopping sudden cramps that are not due to sports, as well as tachycardia, and some types of brain-fog. The list is one of the longest for only a single food.

Drinking raw milk alone doesn't compare, even in high amounts! Only this concentration can achieve these results.
Milk has been used to draw out poisons to the gut by Amerindian tribes after snake bites for instance, and is traditionally consumed in the morning by Moroccan people for its cleansing properties. Cheese performs that ten-fold.

Some people experience dry food cravings. Dry-aged meat is quite popular. Raw, and unsalted cheese is the best one to have.

The genesis of this very novel method came from analyzing the toxins embedded from eating beef jerky in the first place, then experimenting with other dry foods, ultimately discovering raw unsalted cheese is the most effective one.


Any person who lives in a city or who has at any point been exposed to industrial substances, even by inheriting them from their parents, will find great use in this particular food.

A construction site worker, a jeweler, a laborator will definitely need it, from being in higher exposure to toxins, metal dust, formaldehyde, etc., even with gear, such as by inhaling them.

As a MINERAL supplement

Cheese in an authentic mineral supplement, with the greatest concentration, and in a form that can be used in most metabolic functions, including tissue formation.

Supplements produced through industrial chemical processes don't compare because they are isolated and ladden with toxins such as petro-chemical solvents (kerosene or hexane) used for their extraction even if from natural origin.

When not using the raw unsalted cheese to directly bind to toxins and leave along with them, it can be used to supply the body with a surge of minerals and other nutrients.

Cheese can be digested in such a way without having to resort to cooking it or adding salt, which generate loss of nutrients, denaturation, and other undesirable side-effects.

Simply eating it together with a natural source of enzymes and a sligtht amount of sugar, such as unheated honey, or raw fruit, enables to digest it and make use of its nutrients for body regeneration and metabolic processes.

The following results have been claimed by Aajonus Vonderplanitz, main proponent of this food:

Reversing 30% osteoporosis in a few months, remineralizing teeth, healing thyroid issues. easily enabling thermogenesis (producing body warmth) even in cold extremities, removing backaches (which leads to effortlessly always keeping a straight posture as the default rather than slouching, even when sitting long hours), improving cognition, as the brain makes use of many minerals.

Traditional fabrication

The cheese is made by hand by a professional Spanish cheesemaker.


The reader understands that in all the above and anywhere else on this website, none of the authors, admins, owners, publishers, sellers are engaged in rendering medical advice or services.

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